Preparing Your Home Before a Move

Packing boxes and hiring a moving company are not the only steps involved in moving to a new house. Whether your home has already sold or you expect to sell after you move, there are important steps to take in preparing your home for its new residents.

Before moving, follow these guidelines to provide a smooth transition for both you and the new owners, so that once you leave and they arrive, there will not be any issues due to unmet expectations about the condition of the home.

Know What To Keep and What To Leave During a Move

There should be clear communication between the buyer and seller about what will stay in the house for its new owners versus what the current owners will take with them. If the buyer thinks items such as a bedframe, television mount, and dining table are conveyed with the home, but the owner insists on taking them for the new house, it can cause contractual issues that hinder the transition.

There are general rules to follow in knowing what should stay and what to pack. For example, furniture or accessories that are built in to the wall should stay, as well as items that are custom fit for the house such as blinds or curtains.

On the other hand, items that can easily be removed such as backyard playsets, furniture on the patio, and household appliances such as coffee makers and blenders usually stay with the original owner.

Leave Your Home in Top Shape

The new owners expect the house to be in the agreed upon condition, and in most cases, this means a well-kept interior and exterior that is move-in ready.

Clean Carpets and Tiles

Most homeowners leave carpet and other flooring at the current house because of the hassle it would involve to tear it out, move it, and add it to the new house.

Before you leave your home, any carpet and tile should be thoroughly cleaned for its new owners, and a simple vacuum may not be enough. It is recommended you hire a professional cleaning company to leave your house in the best condition possible.

Improve Landscaping

Whether you have already sold your house or are finalizing preparations for the new owners before you move, there are many practical steps you can take to boost curb appeal.

It is expected that flowers, trees, and other elements of the landscape stay at the house for the new owners, and you have the opportunity to present a well-kept yard by leaving a weekend open for do-it-yourself landscaping, or by hiring a team of professionals.

Perform Maintenance Work

Do not neglect any maintenance work that needs to be done for the new owners, both on the interior and exterior of the house. Whether it is a leaky faucet, issues related to heating and air, or siding that needs to be replaced, identify and resolve any problems with the home that were discussed during the selling process.

Welcome the Home’s New Residents

Just as you expect your new home to be ready in line with your agreements with the previous owners, ensure you prepare your current home in the same way. That includes following the agreed upon timeline for moving out and having the house and its features in the agreed upon conditions.

You can also welcome the new owners with a gift, such as a gift card to a local restaurant, or baked goods. Include a handwritten note welcoming them to the community and providing a list of your favorite places to visit, eat, or shop.

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