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Residential and Commercial Moving Services: Bin Rental Details

Convenient Bin Rental Options for Your Move

Our bin rental service is designed to simplify your moving process, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. We offer a flexible and affordable solution to manage your moving needs with ease. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our bin rental service:

Bin Rental Quantities and Limits

To accommodate various moving needs, our bins are available in increments of 10, with a maximum of 100 bins per customer. This allows you to tailor your bin rental to the size of your move. Additionally, each customer is provided with one bin dolly to facilitate easy transportation of the bins.

Bin Accessories

Each bin rental comes equipped with essential accessories to ensure your packing process is smooth and organized. Every bin includes:

  • 1 Zip Tie: Secure your belongings with ease using the provided zip tie.
  • 1 Label: Keep track of your items by labeling each bin, making unpacking more efficient.

Delivery and Pickup Fees

We offer a tiered pricing structure based on the delivery and pickup distance from our facility:

  • Within 10 miles one-way: Free delivery and pickup.
  • 10-20 miles: $50 for delivery and pickup.
  • 20-40 miles: $100 for delivery and pickup.

If you prefer to avoid delivery fees, you have the option to pick up the bins yourself at no extra cost. Please note that charges are based on the furthest location from our facility.

Bin Rental Pricing

Our bin rental pricing is straightforward and depends on the quantity of bins rented:

  • 10-50 bins: $50 rental fee.
  • 60-100 bins: $100 rental fee.

Payment and Credit Card Policies

All bin rentals must be paid for using a credit card. We will keep your credit card on file until the bins are returned. Rest assured, there are no additional credit card fees.

Rental Cycle and Timeline

Our rental cycle is designed to give you ample time to pack, move, and unpack:

  • Delivery: Bins are delivered 7 days prior to your move date.
  • Pickup: Bins are collected 5 days after your move date.

This 12-day rental period ensures you have enough time to manage your move without feeling rushed.

Return Conditions

To avoid additional charges, please ensure the bins are returned in the following condition:

  • Cleaned: A $10 cleaning fee per bin will be assessed if returned dirty.
  • Undamaged: A $30 replacement fee per bin will be charged if any bins are damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Late Return Fees

If the bins are not returned within the allotted 12-day rental period, a late fee of $10 per bin per week (7 days) will be charged. Note that billing for late fees is not prorated, so it’s important to return the bins on time to avoid extra costs.

Bins Not for Sale

Please be aware that our bins are not available for purchase. They are strictly for rental purposes to ensure we can provide a sustainable and cost-effective service to all our customers.

Our bin rental service is designed to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. By providing clear pricing, flexible options, and a straightforward rental process, we aim to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We’re here to help make your moving experience a positive one.


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