College Moves

MVM Moving provides a diverse range of college moving services for people looking to move to or from school. We are experts in local moving as well as long-distance moving for any and all out-of-state students. All three of our moving locations are equipped to help you with your college move, so whether you’re looking for movers in Ohio or Indiana we’re ready to help.

Whether it’s the first time your child is leaving the nest, or they’re nearing graduation, leaving home for campus can be bittersweet. Don’t let the stress of moving your child into college distract from this milestone occasion.

No matter your situation — moving home for the summer or upgrading from a dorm to an apartment — MVM Moving has got you covered.

College Moving Services

MVM Moving offers a comprehensive suite of moving services ideal for any student heading back to school. Our team is always ready to haul your mini fridge, futon, tailgating gear and other dorm room essentials up the stairs and around tight corners. We’re also happy to go beyond moving and sort, pack, load, unload and unpack all of your belongings, too.

We commonly accommodate the following moving scenarios:

  • College freshman moving into a dorm room for the first time
  • Hauling clothes off to storage for the summer or while studying abroad
  • Students moving from a dorm room to off-campus housing
  • Fraternities or sororities in need of furniture removal or large item moves, including commercial kitchen equipment
  • College buddies moving into an apartment or rental home
  • Recent graduates moving from campus into the “real world”
  • Ohio & Indiana residents moving across the U.S. to another university
  • Out-of-state students moving to Ohio or Indiana for college

Get Help on Move-In Day

When you’re ready to get moving, call MVM Moving at 844-424-MOVE. Our skilled staff is always happy to offer a free quote over the phone or schedule a complimentary consultation. Together, we can work within your budget and timeline to decide what moving services best fit your needs.

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